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Welcome to the world of CastExtrusion

For more than 30 years we have been partners in the development and production of industrial machinery, ready to support you at all times and advise you on the best products for you and your business.

CastExtrusion is a leading company in Italy in the world of packaging machinery, as well as being a reference point for more than 10,000 companies in the sector.

We have a wide range of machinery for every need, such as automatic filling machines, stretch film edging machines, automatic rewinders, extrusion lines, automatic machines, nitrile glove production machines, fruit and vegetable glove production machines and much more…

The trust of our customers and their requests have pushed us to design and manufacture more and more complex lines. We have acquired experience, skills and references to put at your disposal.



Our History

In 1973 the engineer Andrea Mirabelli started its activity with eighteen collaborators in the design of special machines. The offices were located in MILAN 2. The company collaborated with Pirelli, Cerutti, IBM, FACE Standard

In 1985 Mirabelli met the general manager of the Dario Manuli company of San Pietro Mosezzo (Novara) and from this collaboration the Cast Luce 1500mm plant was created.

A fully automated cast plant was designed, built and installed in the new factory in Aprilia (Rome). The plant was a great success and Dario Manuli commissioned three more plants to be installed. In addition to the plants, the engineering office designed and built eight silos for the raw material granulate in LLDPE.

Ribobinatrice Automatica del 1989 CastExtrusion

The first wrapper

Nuova Protec‘s activity started in 1985 in the plastic industry. In 1986 the first stretch film wrapper was built and in 1987 the industrial development began. 

The first fully automated flat head plant system was built,  from LLDPE to the finished product.

The Company Today

The last plant that Dario Manuli commissioned to the firm was installed at the San Pietro Mosezzo factory in Novara.

In 2013 Andrea’s son, Gianluca Mirabelli, takes the reins of the business and establishes CastExtrusion Plastic Machinery 1985, with the participation of his father.

Following the growth of the company and the great work done by the Mirabelli family, CastExtrusion Packaging Machinery S.R.L.S. was born.

CastExtrusion Packaging Machinery

Our Mission

CastExtrusion has always valued the territory as a primary resource to draw from and invest in, in order to develop the best Made in Italy innovations in the packaging and palletizing sector.

From this philosophy derive the research and development of cutting-edge systems, with an internationalization that characterizes the global vision of the group: CastExtrusion, in fact, has several production sites where it realizes high performance solutions based on the needs of the market and the customer, with an extreme attention to economic issues.

These aspects make us a company of the latest generation, devoted in its DNA to the dynamics of Fourth Industrial Revolution, where digitization and automation of processes become key elements to address the needs of the packaging world.


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