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Why choose CastExtrusion group?

Working with us means being part of an economically significant industry where our resellers can earn money right away and with no upfront costs.

The buying and selling of packaging machinery represents a sector of great economic importance and strong strategic impact. The commercial dynamics yield high commissions to our resellers, while the buyers get excellent machinery with high profits.

In this context was born, the Italian ecommerce exclusively dedicated to the online sale of packaging machinery, designed for entrepreneurs who want to increase the performance of their business.

In a society that is finally experiencing a process of digital transformation, there is now the opportunity to access the benefits related to Industry 4.0. Our machines, thanks to their machine-to-machine technology, allow you to rationalize costs and optimize performance.

CastExtrusion facilitates negotiations and allows you to buy and sell at the best price, supporting users at all stages and providing them with a wide range of services.

As a method of payment, in addition to the classic bank transfer, we have chosen to integrate Stripe as a circuit for credit cards. This is an extremely reliable and secure international circuit.

With CastExtrusion every company is sure to operate in a transparent environment, created specifically to accommodate the world of buying and selling packaging machinery and packaging solutions.

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