Manual moistening machine for gummed paper

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Manual, simple and economical model for closing small quantities of boxes with gummed paper per day. It does not require electricity and is easily moved anywhere on the farm.

  • Made in Italy 🇮🇹
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Structure with painted steel sides, burnished and galvanized details against corrosion. The mechanical system is simple, silent and safe for the operator. A lever allows to emit strips of gummed paper of various lengths. The brush perfectly humidifies the paper. Two lengths can be set on the centimeter scale.

It cuts all types of gummed paper in rolls, standard or reinforced.
Low power consumption, only 24V.

Technical Data:

  • Machine dimensions: mm 385 x 285 x H 222 approx.
  • Weight: Kg. 9,3 ca.

Rolls of gummed paper:

  • Ø ext.: mm 200 max
  • Width: FROM mm 20 TO mm 100
  • Length: FROM mm 100 TO mm 1100

Safety: it is tamper-proof. The glue on the gummed paper tape penetrates into the fibers of the cardboard creating a perfect union with the cardboard. The gummed paper cannot be removed without leaving traces of tampering.

Ecology: It is a natural packaging and 100% recyclable. Gummed paper is made of natural substances that allow its total recycling: paper (100% cellulose) and glue (potato starch or cassava).

Resistance to extreme temperatures: a box closed with gummed paper remains sealed even in extreme heat or cold conditions, so it is particularly suitable for frozen and baked goods.

Savings on packaging: little gummed paper guarantees a perfect sealing of your boxes and allows you to reduce the consumption and waste of packaging.