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At CastExtrusion you have the opportunity to work with over 48 employees across Europe

For more than 30 years, CastExtrusion has been a partner of large companies in the development and production of industrial packaging machinery.

CastExtrusion has always been sensitive to the territory, considered a primary resource from which to draw and invest. This enhancement, which is also supported by business dislocation, does not only concern the company contacts, but also our employees, each of whom, in addition to their skills, is chosen for the human values that must correspond to those on which the CastExtrusion company is based. 

With these principles in mind, the company is looking for collaborators, salesmen and resellers all over the world, ready to get involved and innovate in order to jointly face the adversities that the market requires.

We are looking for Talents

CastExtrusion is always looking for new talents. Not only graduates or people with great experience, but also salesmen and retailers who are interested in joining a context of excellence, convinced that enthusiasm and passion are the real key to success. 

In order to facilitate the insertion in the working team, there are training and mentoring programs for new resources, who will receive all the necessary information to become active members of the company.


Training and Tutoring

Since the very beginning, training has been a value of primary importance for us at CastExtrusion. 

The continuous technological innovation and the tailor-made approach of the company imply a constant investment of time and resources in the coaching and training of its workers.

This approach serves to enhance and train people professionally, enriching them with a wealth of information thanks to which it will be possible to improve their working and economic position. 


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